Netflix and Hulu Have Changed How we Watch TV

Long gone are the days of waiting. That’s right – waiting has become obsolete. Thanks to services like Netflix and Hulu, avid and casual TV viewers alike no longer have to hang on the edge, biting their nails and speculating around the water cooler, as they anticipate the conclusions of their favorite shows. Binge TV watching has taken over, and it’s taken over by storm. Netflix alone has reported over 42 million US subscribers in 2015, and that number has only continued to grow over the past two years, quickly approaching the 100 million mark in recent reports.

Netflix and Hulu are the two most popular streaming sources that allow subscribers instant access to their favorite shows. While On Demand services and DVR use are still popular alternatives, they don’t allow the variety of options that streaming services provide to their customers. Both services make complete series available, from start to finish and offer currently airing programs, favorite but forgotten shows that have gone off the cable airwaves years ago, and fresh, new content produced by the streaming services themselves. The American public values having options, and Netflix and Hulu provide a wealth of them to their subscribers.

Most notable in popularity are series such as ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘House of Cards’, both produced by Netflix. Viewers eagerly await the release of these TV shows and such releases are available to subscribers all-at-once. Rather than releasing a new episode each week, Netflix releases an entire series and the viewer is in control of how frequently they watch. More often than not, consumers will watch the entire season of a beloved show in one short weekend. The content produced by these media companies does not include commercials as regular broadcast TV does, making it even more appealing. This lack of need for commercial viability also allows its producers to push the envelope with the content addressed since there’s no need to answer to corporate sponsors. Viewers have found this freedom to be refreshing as they’ve grown weary of the control that ‘corporate America’ has on so many of our everyday choices.

Furthering their stronghold over regular broadcast television in what seems to almost be a challenge, both streaming providers have begun to release original series during the summer months. This time has long been an ‘off-season’ for TV production where most regular TV viewers have been force-fed nothing but reruns over the warmer months. In an effort to keep up with its streaming counterparts, many cable networks have begun producing new shows for air in the summer. Between the advent of binge-watching and the shift in control from the company to the viewer over what, when and how they watch, Netflix and Hulu have taken charge and changed the face of TV viewing for years to come.  You can spice up your streaming experience by purchasing the top streaming devices. Visit this website and check them all out.