Importance Of Domains

Any business in this day and age must have a presence on the internet. Whether the business is a local retail shop trying to promote in-store traffic (or online sales), a professional organization such as a law firm or medical clinic, or business which exists only online, the importance of the domain name chosen cannot be overstated. The domain name of a business or organization’s website is the “address” by which users find the website and is every bit as important today as the local general store’s street address was once upon a time.

Human beings prefer simplicity. If a domain name is easy to remember and pertinent to the business, organization, or product in question, the likelihood of users finding and using the website increase significantly. Domain names which are difficult to remember, contain awkward or non-standard spelling, or do not relate in any way to the content of the site are less effective. When selecting the name of a website, the importance of the domain must be considered.

The best possible domain name for a business is the generic name of its industry. For example, any bookstore would love to own the domain and any auto dealer would love to have its site at, but both of those domains were snatched up long ago. The reason a generic term is ideal should be obvious: users will often intuitively enter the generic term in their browser’s address bar while looking for a given product, which means the site with the generic web domain will capture much of the online traffic.

If the business is widely known by its trade name, then using the business’s name for its domain is the next best option. Users will often type the name of a business into their browser’s address bar when looking for a business by that name, so if a business has the option of owning its name as a domain, that is ideal. However, sometimes that simply is not possible. Another local business in another community might already own the domain name in question. When this occurs, it is a good idea to find a specific feature that sets the business apart and include that in the domain name. This could be the geographic location of the store or some feature of its service. An example would be a New York City business adding “NYC” at the end of its domain name.

Entrepreneurs spend days or weeks agonizing over the location of their business, determining which products or services to offer, and so on. Many business people or organizations spend more than a few minutes considering the proper web address. It is common to miss the importance of the domain name associated with a business, organization, or product, but this simple decision can make a world of difference. Any group which wants to attract attention, gain new customers- or begin selling online to existing customers, must select the proper domain name.