C o l l e e n  C o l l e c t i o n s   o f   I r e l a n d

Measuring for Crown Size

Crowns (full circle base) are crafted to size. Decide where you want the Crown to sit on your head, and measure the required circumference. It may be helpful to form a circle with wire (or wire coat hanger) that fits where you want the Crown to sit. Then measure the length of the wire. We'll accept either metric or imperial measurements.

Your hairstyle will also determine the size required.  If you are wearing your hair up, for example, you might want a smaller size crown than you would for wearing your hair down. The smaller the Crown, the higher it will sit on your head.

We will craft any size in increments of 1/4" with a minimum circumference of 381mm (15") up to a maximum circumference of 597mm (23 1/2"). Use the following table as a guide only as average sizes vary internationally.

We supply a comb (and wire) that can be attached to the back of the Crown if desired.  

This is only a guide for Crown circumference. Please measure as average sizes vary internationally, and size may depend on your hairstyle.

Child Small 430mm 17"
Child Medium 455mm
Child Large 510mm 20"
Ladies Small 530mm 21"
Ladies Medium 545mm

21 "

Ladies Large 560mm 22"