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Ordering Help

We leave space on our Secure Order Form for 'special instructions' where you can tell us in detail what your preferences are. There is no extra charge for slight variations in style or height. Before entering our secure order form, it is helpful to decide on the following:

Choose your colours. You can enter colours on our Secure Order Form by colour name or by colour number. If you choose more than one colour, you might let us know which colour you want to be dominant, or you might want just a bit of one particular colour...enter this information in the 'special instructions' box on our order form.

Choose gold or silver wire. If you are ordering a necklace or earrings, we need to know whether to use gold or silver for clasps and other findings.

If you are not sure of any information, just ask for our help in the special instructions box and we will be in touch with you.

All prices include shipping to countries of the respective currencies. If your currency is not listed, please email us for prices.

For delivery time and more information click here

If you need more help before ordering, please contact us at help@colleencollections.com