G a l w a y   C r o w n         Galway Bride Collection 

C o l l e e n  C o l l e c t i o n s   o f   I r e l a n d 

Necklace is hand weaved on Irish Linen cord. Made to measure in any length up to 56cm (22"). Gift boxed.

Earrings to match your colour choice have 25mm (1") drop.

Model: Natalie McDermot

Not suitable to be done entirely in glass beads or entirely in pearls, as the crown would be too heavy.  Mix pearls and/or beads with transparent faceted beads (colour numbers beginning with 'T' in our colour selections) which are light in weight. We can add tiny clear crystals if desired.

A popular favourite, the Galway Crown is crafted to size, see measuring guide. Shown in white pearls (P1) with clear beads (T1). 


Tell us whether you are wearing gold or silver jewellery and we'll use the same colour of beading wire. 

Galway Crown



Crown 168 120 184
Necklace 34 25 38
Earrings 16 12 17

Special-free earrings 
with tiara purchase

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