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We understand the selection of a Tiara or Crown for your special day is a very important purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  

Our Tiaras and Crowns are hand-crafted to order and shipped direct from our studio in Ballymoe, Co. Galway. Choose your pearl and/or bead colours from our Colour Selections.  If you would like to examine the colours, we'll post sample pearls and/or beads in the colours you are interested in (no charge). You can also send us a swatch of the fabric you are trying to match and we'll assist with suggestions for pearl and/or bead colour combinations.

Height as stated in descriptions is the height at centre front of Tiaras and Crowns. Most any style can be adjusted for more or less height.  Rounded for convenience all metric measurements are within 2mm.

We use only high quality faux pearls and beads, and genuine gemstones where indicated.  

Tiaras are packaged in satin lined presentation boxes for safekeeping.  With our compliments and best wishes, all wedding tiaras and crowns come with a matching Good Luck Horseshoe...wear it with your bouquet in Irish wedding tradition for good fortune.  For the little ones, we send a Celtic Cross pendant and chain with every Communion and Flower Girl tiara or crown, in your choice of silver or gold plated.


Tiaras are available in either silver or gold plated and are one size fits all.  The tiara base can be bent in or out to adjust for a better fit. Silver plated tiara will tarnish, wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Crowns are styles crafted on a full circle base.  We craft crowns in made-to-measure sizes.  (See measuring guidelines below.)

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Necklace and Earrings can be crafted to match any Tiara or Crown

Earrings--length  1", 1 ", or 2", one or two strands, pierced or clip-on.
IR 12.00, euro 15.24, U.S. $17.00


16" IR 20.00, euro 25.39, U.S. $28.00
18" IR 22.00, euro 27.93, U.S. $31.00
IR 24.00, euro 30.47, U.S. $34.00

Please enquire if you prefer a length other than those indicated.

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Measuring for Crown Size
Size is required for Crowns (full circle base). 

Decide where you want the Tiara to sit on your head, and measure the required circumference. It may be helpful to form a circle with wire (or wire coat hanger) that fits where you want the Tiara to sit. Then measure the length of the wire. We'll accept either metric or imperial measurements.

Your hairstyle will also determine the size required.  If you are wearing your hair up, for example, you might want a smaller size crown than you would for wearing your hair down. The smaller the Crown, the higher it will sit on your head.

We will craft any size in increments of 1/4" with a minumum circumference of 381mm (15") up to a maximum circumference of 597mm (23 1/2"). Use the following table as a guide only as average sizes vary internationally.

We supply a comb (and wire) that can be attached to the back of the Crown if desired.  

This is only a guide for Crown circumference. Please measure as average sizes vary internationally, and size may depend on your hairstyle.

Child Small 430mm 17"
Child Medium 455mm
Child Large 510mm 20"
Ladies Small 530mm 21"
Ladies Medium 545mm

21 "

Ladies Large 560mm 22"

You are not limited to the sizes listed above. For example, you might require a size 20, or 21

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Our veils are made in Wales, and have been recently added to our collections, prompted by requests from customers. After searching suppliers throughout Europe, we found these veils to be of very high quality, in styles and colour options that compliment our Tiara and Crown designs. 

All veils are attached to a comb. They can be worn high at the front of the head just behind the Tiara, or at the back of the head. Veils will arrive folded flat. Hang near a hot shower to steam for approximately three minutes and the veil should be wrinkle free and ready to wear. The Bridget style Chiffon veil may require a careful iron...though we recommend you take it to a professional Dry Cleaner.

If you would like to check the colour of tulle, ask us to send a sample in the colours you are interested in (no charge).

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Shipping and Delivery
Shipping costs are included in all prices to countries of the respective currency for Ireland, rest of Europe, and USA.

Northern Ireland and UK orders are at the exchange rate to the Irish Punt on the day the sale is processed.

Australia, New Zealand, and Canadian orders are charged at the exchange rate to the Irish Punt on the day the sale is processed plus IR 8.00 shipping.  

Other countries--please enquire for shipping rates.

Delivery from order placement is normally one to three weeks for Irish and other European deliveries, and normally from three to four weeks for USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada deliveries. 

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Rush Orders
Within Ireland and the rest of Europe, we can most often handle a rush order, delivering within five to eight days of order placement. An additional charge applies for express delivery, please enquire and let us know where you are located.

We can most often handle a rush order to the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, delivering within six to twelve days of order placement. An additional charge applies for express air delivery, please enquire and let us know where you are located..

Special Orders
Special orders include requests for a certain style to be made as a full crown, change in design, height of Tiara or Crown to be higher or lower, or perhaps you are looking for a colour not listed in our Colour Selections ...we'll do whatever we can to accomodate. Please enquire.

If you prefer genuine gemstones or genuine pearls, we can special order them for you.  

Please E-mail us with any questions.

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Guarantee -Returns - Exchanges
If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not pleased with your purchase, post it back to us within five days of delivery for full refund or exchange.  In the event of return from customers outside Europe, please contact us for return shipping advice.

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Ordering and Payment Information
All orders received will be confirmed. Our order form is being updated to accomodate all options available. In the meantime, please send any additional information by separate e-mail. 

Payment is due anytime prior to shipment.  

We accept cheques or money orders in U.S. dollars or European currency, as well as Visa, Mastercard, and Access. Credit card charges are processed on the day we ship your order.  Some credit card companies charge a small fee for foreign transactions.  

U.S. Customers please note:   Certain U.S. money orders issued by the U.S. Postal Service are not valid outside the U.S.  

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Colleen Collections
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A bit of history About Us...
We're located on the banks of the Island River in Ballymoe, Co. Galway, a rural village on the Galway - Roscommon border. Ballymoe is famous for being the birthplace of Father Edward Flanagan, founder of Boystown, Nebraska, USA.  The Colleen Collections studio is located in what was once the home and doctor's surgery of Fr. Flanagan's sister and brother-in-law, and where he stayed on visits home.

Proprietor Maureen McKervey designed and crafted her first tiara in 1989, for her sister, Colleen, who was not able to find exactly what she wanted for her 1990 wedding. With the encouragement and support of the Galway Rural Development Company, Maureen was awarded marketing assistance under the European Leader II Programme for innovative enterprise, and brought her designs to a global audience with the establishment of this website in early 1998. We were proudly the first on-line shop for handcrafted tiaras in the Republic of Ireland (and as of this writing, still the only).

With appreciation for the government assistance, and for the technology behind e-commerce that allows us to bring our craft from the cottage to a global marketplace, and, of course, with many thanks to our customers, Colleen Collections Wedding and Communion accessories are now worn on very special days all around the world. 

Promising quality craftsmanship and materials, every order is given the personal attention deserving of special occasions. In response to customer enquries, we've recently added a carefully selected range of accessories to compliment our handcrafted collections. We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions from visitors. If we don't have what you are looking for, drop us a note and we'll refer you to an appropriate source if we can.


Thank you for visiting.

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