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Maureen McKervey designed and crafted her first tiara in 1989, for her sister Colleen's wedding. After crafting for friends, family, and friends of friends, the business grew initially by word of mouth. Eventually Colleen Collections of Ireland was established; named after Maureen's first customer (her sister Colleen).

Maureen was awarded marketing assistance under the European Leader II Programme for innovative enterprise, and brought her designs to a global audience with the establishment of this website in early 1998, being the Republic of Ireland's first on-line provider of handcrafted tiaras and wedding accessories.

With appreciation for assistance awarded, and for the technology behind e-commerce that allows us to bring our craft from the rural west of Ireland to a global marketplace, and, of course, with many thanks to our customers, our Wedding and Communion accessories are now worn on very special days all around the world.

We're located on the bank of the Island River in Ballymoe, Co. Galway, a rural village on the Galway - Roscommon border. Ballymoe is famous for being the birthplace of Father Edward Flanagan, founder of Boystown, Nebraska, USA. You might have heard of the 1938 film starring Spencer Tracy. After winning the Best Actor Oscar for his role as Father Flanagan, Spencer gave the Oscar to the real Father Flanagan in tribute to his work with wayward boys. We are located in what was once the home and doctor's surgery of Father Flanagan's sister and brother-in-law; and where he stayed on his holidays in Ireland.

Maureen McKervey is registered by the Crafts Council of Ireland as a full time Artist in the discipline of jewellery design. Colleen Collections of Ireland is registered in the Republic of Ireland No. 161559.

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